Our Mission

In everything we do, we believe in improving the lives of Veterans

Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall

The Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall; its restoration and renovation, is the linchpin to legitimizing the renewal of veteran services  in Canyon County and the surrounding area. Since 2013, Caldwell Veterans Council development activities have resulted in donated labor (9800 hours) and materials totaling $1,900,000 from over 54 private, public, and volunteer contributors towards the renovation and conversion of the 1913 Carnegie Library at 1101 Cleveland Blvd. The library, a registered Idaho Historical Building, was subject to removal of the complete interior and re-framed inside. Rough-in electrical and plumbing are complete, with HVAC and a brand new elevator currently being installed.

Caldwell Veterans Council

The Caldwell Veterans Council, Inc., (CVC) is a volunteer lead 501(c)3 group of local posts, chapters, and teams of the Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs). The VSO stakeholders of this group are a collaborative, out-comes based coalition who have built relationships with 20 supporting agencies committing resources to the Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall (CVMH).  The purpose of the CVMH is the renewal of veteran services in Canyon County and the surrounding area. Extensive restoration and renovation to include the installation of an elevator has provided a facility to meet the needs of a deserving veteran community.  The programs and services provided by the above partners are valid, viable tools proven to work in many other areas of the United States. Current programs and services are only available in Boise or regional facilities located out of state. The commute required by the elderly, disabled and economically challenged veterans to access those programs and services precludes a large group from having access to the help they need. The Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall will provide those needed services. The long-term projected outcome of the Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall is programs and services that directly contribute to improve conditions and quality of life for veterans. The efficient and effective execution of programs and services will give veterans the skills, knowledge, positive behavior and confidence to be active participating members of the community.


Terry Harrell

Chairman / DAV Rep

Debbie Geyer

Secretary / Member at Large

Denny Hay


Larry Kelly

US Coast Guard / Member at Large

Warren Burch

Sub-committee (Procurement)

Rob Oates

Sub-committee (Plans & Policies

Randy Jensen

Vice-Chairman / Member at Large

Gary White


John Bechtel

Member at Large

Chuck Stadick

City Council Liaison

Shirley Taylor

Sub-committee (Events)

Chris Yamamoto

Treasurer / Member at Large

Michael Mead

American Legion Rep

Dale Pittsley


Paul Raymond

Member at Large

Noah Siple

Sub-committee (Mission 43)

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Next Steps...

If your organization would be interested in sponsoring one of the projects, please contact a Caldwell Veterans' Council member at

(208) 402-6590 or (208) 899-5216.

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